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Manor Expressway


Stadia Forms

The Manor Expressway, near Austin, Texas, connects I-35 and a new toll road. The MSE retaining walls along the roadway feature a Texas heritage theme with a decorative coping that sits above a winged column.

To cast the precast coping, Hamilton Form developed a base form that is 15 feet long by 5 feet wide and 5 ft.-5-inches high. Two bolt-on side forms create the stepped design on the front of the product. The side forms are slightly offset to eliminate a visible line at the reveal.

Welded chamfer creates the three vertical reveals in the center. Chamfer is also used on the base form for positioning the center block-out. A hanging back pan attaches to the top of the form to create the top ledge. A removable riser with integral top ties forms holes at the back of the product where protruding rebar ties into the retaining wall. All seams are chamfered and the top is slightly drafted for stripping.

What seemed like a complicated piece of precast was simple to set-up and strip. Tricon found the formwork easy to use, keeping the project on-time and within budget.

Stadia Forms

The base form has chamfer to help locate the block out locations

Stadia Forms

The side forms were offset to eliminate a visible seam at the center.

Stadia Forms

Chamfered seams and a slight draft made the product easy to strip.