Hydraulic Vault Form

National, State and Local Parks


Hydraulic Vault Form

CXT, a Division of L.B. Foster Company, is a leading producer of precast concrete restroom and utility buildings installed in national, state and local parks and recreation areas. The buildings are made of precast concrete and are installed over an in–ground precast vault.

Hamilton Form has made several forms for these buildings including this 6'–6" by 11'–11" by 4' box form with two voids for the vault. The form has Vibrotrack™ for concrete vibration and hinged sides that open hydraulically for set–up and stripping.

The voids form receptacles for the toilet buildings. A plastic liner is cast into the side walls of the vault to contain waste. Walls of the vault are sloped so the waste drains to the end of the vault where two hatches for pumping are connected to the building. The walls also act as the footing for the building. This design makes it possible to install a completed building within a day.

The form is easy to use, strip, and has helped CXT improve productivity while maintaining product quality.

Hydraulic Vault Form Hydraulic Vault Form Hydraulic Vault Form Hydraulic Vault Form