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Pile Cap Form

Pensacola, Florida

Pile Cap Form

"The forms for this project worked perfectly. Hamilton Form builds high quality, well thought out forms that have contributed to the success of many of our projects."

Don Theobald
Vice President, Engineering
Gulf Coast Pre-Stress

The Escambia Bay Bridge, near Pensacola Florida was rebuilt after the original bridge was destroyed by hurricane Ivan in 2004 and hit again by hurricane Katrina in 2005. The new bridge is a prestressed / precast concrete structure that is 25 feet higher than the original to protect it from future storm surges.

Gulf Coast Pre-Stress, itself reeling from Hurricane Katrina's impact, was awarded four major bridge projects including Escambia Bay. Hamilton Form built forms for the projects.

A heavily reinforced pile cap designed with an on-site, cast tension connection to the precast/prestressed pile was specified for the Escambia Bay Bridge. This moment connection was designed to provide a continuous beam configuration and provide resistance to uplift from storm surges.

Hamilton Form designed and built the special pile cap form for the project. It included two-piece tapered voids at the connection locations. The void was built in two pieces to allow it to be "popped" after initial preset of the concrete to facilitate stripping.

The forms worked well and the project was completed ahead of an aggressive schedule.

Pile Cap Form

The pile cap was heavily reinforced.

Pile Cap Form

Pile form with two-piece, tapered voids.

Pile Cap Form

Voids were "popped" after initial preset of the concrete to accommodate final stripping.