On/Off Saf-T-Mag

ON/OFF Saf-T-Mag

The 4" magnet has 500 lbs. of adhesive force; the 6" magnet has an adhesive force of 1500 lbs.

With Header Magnet

On/Off Saf-T-Mags hold header in place.
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The ON/OFF Saf-T-Mag is easier and safer to use than traditional magnets because the magnet can be turned off. When the magnet is turned off, there is less risk of pinched fingers and injuries associated with working with button and loaf magnets, and the rails are easier to adjust and align.

The magnet will not turn on unless it is placed on a steel surface. Once in place, simply use a wrench to turn the magnet to the On position. Once engaged the magnet will hold your rail firmly in place.

Using magnetic holding assemblies for placing and adjusting rails on steel forms is a good idea. Magnetic rails can easily be adjustable adding flexibility and protecting the form by eliminating the need for drilling holes for bolts.