PU35/PU46 Power Units

Precision Performance, Advanced Safety Features

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Designed for high volume, high speed, pre-stressing operations; the PU35 (35kips) for half-inch strand and the PU46 (46kips) for .6 strand has:

  • A 10HP - 3 phase electric motor that can be wired for almost any 3-phase electric power source
  • An advanced, energy saving variable displacement, pressure compensated, power-saver pump that reduces heat build-up in the hydraulic fluid
  • Large, dual scale gauges to measure pressure in PSI and load in pounds of force for initial and final set
  • Redundant pressure limiting relief valves to protect gauges and other components from being damaged by accidental over-pressuring
  • Mast mounted caution strobe and warning horn. Strobe flashes when unit is running; horn sounds only when pressure is being supplied to the jack.
  • Large 20 gallon hydraulic fluid reservoir
  • Two quick-coupled, 15 foot hoses for attachment to the jack and a 6-foot electrical cord
  • Heavy steel cabinet with pivoting gauge cover
  • Designed with fork tubes and integral lifting lugs for transport
  • Optional four wheel cart available

The unit pulls up to .60 strand at 7 seconds/per foot, making it one of the fastest machines on the market; but the precision of this unit is what sets it apart. Testing has verified that it's easy to calibrate, and after initial loading, final load is typically reached on the first pull requiring no additional correction.

Portable Carts

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Our specially designed cart makes moving the PU35 or PU46 Power Units and Stress Jack prestressing equipment around the plant convenient and easy. The power unit bolts easily to the frame and the cart is fitted to carry a 36", 48" or 60" stressing jack on the back. The cart has four wheels, is steerable and easy to maneuver.