Tarp Carts

Hamilton Form Company's tarp roller/dispenser carts give you the power to protect your investment in blankets and tarps. Our carts require a single operator to quickly and efficiently roll and unroll curing tarps and insulated blankets of any length, greatly reducing wear, tear and labor time while extending the life of your tarps and blankets.

Highly practical and versatile, Hamilton Form carts are self-propelled and designed to ride on the form, on a ground-mounted steel track, or on steerable rubber tires. An optional quick-release mechanism on the reel significantly increases efficiency by allowing one tarp cart to serve several forms each with its own reel and blanket.


This double roller tarp cart built for Gulf Coast Pre-stress, Inc. is a unique custom solution that fulfills their specific needs. The two individual rollers allow each insulated blanket nine feet wide to be payed out over two 500 LF BT78 girder forms. The Tarp cart also enables a strand draping pull-up tool to be positioned and hydraulically powered with a pull-up force at 60,000 pounds. This custom double roller cart reduces labor and saves time and working area of the end of the form.