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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store forms that are taken out of production?

When it's time to take forms out of production, proper cleaning and storing will add years of life to your forms and protect your investment. Cleaning and proper storage also reduces the time and expense to take forms out of storage and put them back into production.

Here are some tips when storing forms

  1. Thoroughly clean forms before putting them in storage.
  2. Make sure the form is completely dry, then, apply a rust inhibitor.
  3. Vessel type forms such as pilings and double tees should be stored inverted to protect the casting surface.
  4. If you intend to move your form to a storage location, make sure that the forms are stored on a flat plane with no twist.
  5. Never stack forms metal to metal. If you do stack forms, use plastic or wood spacers between the forms to allow airflow.
  6. Special care should be taken to make sure water doesn't pool or collect on any surface.
  7. Forms stored outside should be under a tarp or other covering to protect them from the elements. The best coverings are ones that "breathe" so that air gets under the form to minimize condensation. Condensation causes rust and rust can ruin your forms.
  8. If a form is idled and left in place, clean it, coat it with a rust inhibitor and cover it with a tarp or curing blanket.
  9. Once covered, regularly check the form to make sure it is dry and free from moisture. If you find rust, attack quickly and eliminate it.
  10. NEVER store forms with concrete. Condensation will form between the concrete and the form and will form rust.